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Now fully up-to-date for Unity 2017.1!

Unity Games by Tutorials

  • Platform Unity
  • Language C#
  • Editor Unity 2017.1

Learn how to make games in Unity: a professional game engine used to create games like City Skylines, Hearthstone, the Long Dark, and more.

In this book, you’ll create 4 complete games from scratch.

Developer Guide


For intermediate ios developers
Unity Games by Tutorials book cover

Make 4 Complete Unity Games From Scratch Using C#

In this book, you’ll create 4 complete games from scratch:

  • A twin-stick shooter
  • A first-person shooter
  • A tower defense game (with VR support!)
  • A 2D platfomer

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to make your own games for Windows, macOS, iOS, and more!

This book is for complete beginners to Unity, or for those who’d like to bring their Unity skills to a professional level. The book assumes you have some prior programming experience (in a language of your choice).

If you are a complete beginner to programming, we recommend you learn some basic programming skills first. A great way to do that is to watch our free Beginning C# with Unity series, which will get you familiar with programming in the context of Unity.

The games in the book are made with C#. If you have prior programming experience but are new to C#, don’t worry – the book includes an appendix to give you a crash course on C# syntax.

Table of Contents

Unity Games by Tutorials is 24 chapters and 613 pages that show you how to build four complete games from scratch in Unity. By the time you are done reading this book, you will know everything you need to create your own professional cross-platform games.

Section I: Hello, Unity!


Hello Unity

Learn how the Unity interface works and how to import assets into your project.



Learn about GameObjects and Prefabs by adding and laying out the initial objects for Bobblehead Wars.



Learn how to use components to give your hero the ability to walk and blast away at the oncoming horde.



Learn the basics of game physics by adding collision detection and giving the hero the ability to turn on a dime.


GameManager and Pathfinding

Learn how to create the tools that spawn the aliens, and then make them chase after the hero.



Learn how to add animations to the marine and the aliens. It’s time for some shooting and chomping!



Learn how to bring your game to life by adding background music and a variety of sound effects.


Finishing Touches

Learn how to add a winning and losing condition, and wrap up the game with some classy touches.

Section II: First-Person Games


Making a First Person Shooter

Learn how to set up your FPS game, create the map, add the player and build some kick-ass weaponry for mowing down enemies.


Adding Enemies

Learn how to create powerups, add enemies to your game, and create some damage mechanics for you and your robot nemeses.


Unity UI

Learn how to add in-game UI, craft waves of robot enemies, add enhanced sound and music, and give your player the right weapon for the right job.

Section III: Unity 2D Games


Beginning Unity 2D

Learn the 2D workflow in Unity and begin creating the building blocks for your 2D platformer game.


More Unity 2D

Learn how to work with 2D physics, how to build levels with sprites and colliders, and how to work with raycasting, animation controllers, and more.


Saving Data

Learn some great ways to store and retrieve player data for your games.

Section IV: Blender


Modeling with Blender

Learn the basics of Blender models as you create a 3D model completely from scratch.


Texturing with Blender

Learn how to apply 2D textures and colors to your model, manage lighting and materials, and export your model to use in your game.


Animating with Blender

Bring your models to life with realistic animation and effects.

Section V: Tower Defense


Making a Tower Defense Game

Learn how to build a title screen, create a map using 3D tiles, make enemies move around on a path, and make your life easier with utility scripts.


Waves of Enemies

Learn how to create multiple waves of advancing enemies, make your towers shoot projectiles, add winning and losing game states, and craft a UI to bind everything together.


Virtual Reality

Learn how to bring your game into the 21st century and make your game VR-compatible with the virtual reality hardware now available.


Publishing your Game

Learn how to prepare your game for publication and how to make it available on the various online game portals.

Section VI: Appendices


C# Crash Course

If you already know a programming language, this chapter will get you quickly up to speed with the most important features of C#.


Unity API

Learn about the various subsystems and major concepts of the Unity API to give you a deeper understanding of how Unity works.


Code Editors

One thing to love about Unity is that you can use any code editor you like. Learn how to use two popular editors with Unity: MonoDevelop and Visual Studio.

Meet the authors

Mike Berg Mike Berg RW Team Member
Sean Duffy Sean Duffy RW Team Member
Brian Moakley Brian Moakley RW Team Member
Eric Van de Kerckhove Eric Van de Kerckhove RW Team Member
Anthony Uccello Anthony Uccello RW Team Member

Customer reviews

'Unity Games by Tutorials'

This is a great crash course for those who already have some coding experience and want to dive into making games with all the bells and whistles. The chapter on 3D modeling and animation with Blender is a nice bonus.

Ehsan R.

Over the years I've tried YouTube videos and other "educational" sites, and nothing has ever delivered in a way that Unity Games by Tutorials did.

James W.

Unity is an extremely powerful game engine, but Unity Games by Tutorials makes that learning curve far more manageable. This is by far the most straightforward, clear, and fun Unity book on the market!

Tim G.
Unity Games by Tutorials book cover

Get Unity Games by Tutorials

Learn how to make games in Unity: a professional game engine used to create games like City Skylines, Hearthstone, the Long Dark, and more.