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Living by the Code - Swift by Sundell Discount

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Reflect, refactor & refresh: Top developers, leaders & innovators in tech share the career advice they wish they’d had when they started.

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For Beginner Developers

“It’s like chatting over coffee with your favorite people in tech — but better.”

It’s hard to make it as a developer in today’s tech world, and even harder to find mentors who can give you the straight advice on what it takes to go from good, to great, to amazing.

But — what if you could pick the brains of today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in tech...

...discovering the paths each person took to get where they are today...

...learning from the mistakes and pivots they’ve made in their careers...

...and start using the exact tips and techniques that keep them at the top of their game?

Living by the Code brings the experiences and insights of over 30 of these influencers together in one single book, to help you grow your career in today’s ever-changing technical landscape.

If you’re struggling to make your mark in the competitive tech industry, then this book is what you need to make your best career move — no matter whether you’re a developer for a big corporation, a scrappy solo entrepreneur, or someone in between.

It’s like having dozens of tech’s best mentors — right at your fingertips.

Inspiration from people who have walked the same path you’re on right now

“, you contend with a lot of emails, meetings, documentation, etc. But sometimes you just wanna solve technical problems. You just wanna write code. I usually clearly define that zone; it helps to have a ritual around that.”

—Felix Krause

“ I explore new technologies, frameworks, and design principles I always think to myself, ’This might make a great talk / blog post / course.’ I love creating content as much for others as for myself. I find the creative process very rewarding and it helps me to solidify the materials in my own mind.”

—Annyce Davis

“ order to learn you have to make mistakes all the time. You ought to not be afraid of making those order to open up your mind, to evolve your mindset, as well to understand what's going on, to understand the culture.”

—Fernando Cejas

“...the biggest things I look for in a leader are self-awareness and humility. These two characteristics open people up to admitting and learning from their own mistakes, which makes them very coachable — the effort you expend on coachable people is always multiplied.”

—Cate Huston

“...don't be afraid of not knowing...I'm interested when someone asks great questions which makes me think. Even better than always having the right answer is asking interesting questions.”

—Huyen Tue Dao

“...when I left Spotify, I made a deal with myself: from now on, I'm going to try to dedicate 20% of my time to working for the community and trying to give back to the community.”

—John Sundell

...and over 30 others, including interviews with: Ash Furrow, Zarah Dominguez, Hadi Hariri, Lara Martín, Joe Birch, Ellen Shapiro, Eduardo Castelló Ferrer, Tanner Nelson, Mike Wolfson, Britt Barak, Israel Ferrer, Joe Howard, Paul Blundell, Mike Nakhimovich, Gabriel Peal, Marin Todorov, Marcin Moskala, Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Segun Famisa, Antonio Leiva, Paco Estévez, Raul Raja, Danny Preusler, Juhani Letimaki, Cyril Mottier, Erik Hellman, Sarah Olson, Mark Allison, César Valiente, Ray Wenderlich, Iñaki Villar and Ty Smith.

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Living by the Code - Swift by Sundell Discount

Reflect, refactor & refresh: Top developers, leaders & innovators in tech share the career advice they wish they’d had when they started.