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Future-proof your development teams. $599.88 per user / billed once a year

That’s just $49.99/month* per team member

Your team needs to stay current in the face of constant change.

Your organization needs massive return on training.

Solve both with an Ultimate Team Subscription from

Your team gets immediate access to the largest and most up-to-date learning materials online, anywhere. You get one-stop billing, simplified seat assignment, and team analytics.

With 3,000+ videos, 40+ books, and new content being added weekly, your team can stay on the cutting edge, while you keep your training costs under control.

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Compare Plans Price when billed annually* Ultimate
For development teams large and small $49.99/month*
Access to all of our content
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Access 1,500+ expert-led videos
Access to all online Beginner books
Stream courses on our iOS/Android apps
Exclusive Pro-level courses designed for advanced developers
Exclusive online Professional books on advanced topics
Download courses for offline viewing on our iOS/Android apps
Teams: Training to stay on top of the latest frameworks and best practices
Teams: Single point of billing for your entire team
Teams: Simplified seat management
Teams: Member analytics and usage

Future-proof your development teams.

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What is the Ultimate Team Subscription?

The Team Subscription is the easiest way to give your development team full access to the largest catalog of iOS, Android and Flutter video courses and books on the internet. With centralized billing, simple license and team management, and dashboard team analytics, it’s simply the best way to keep your team up-to-date with their mobile development skills.

What’s the difference between an individual subscription and the team subscription?

An individual subscription gets one person access to video courses and books. A Team Subscription lets you purchase and manage multiple seats for your team so they can access all of our video courses and book content. It enables you to create and manage a group of subscribers, with one single invoice. A Team Subscription also gives you centralized license management, team analytics, and a single point of billing.

What is a license?

A license is the same thing as a seat; you’ll need a license for each team member that requires access to For example, if you have five developers on your team, you’ll need five licenses. The subscription administrator does not need a license, unless the administrator also wants access to the video courses and screencasts.

How do I assign licenses?

When you first set up your Team Subscription, you can assign team members by providing their email addresses during the setup sequence. You can also add team members at any time by adding their emails through the Team Subscription dashboard. Your team members will receive email invites to join the team and set themselves up under your Team Subscription.

Can I reassign licenses?

Yes! You can revoke and reassign team member licenses at any point using the Team Subscription dashboard.

Can I add more licenses?

Yes! You can increase your license count at any time through the Team Subscription dashboard. The price of any licenses you add after you’ve set up your initial Team Subscription will be pro-rated in relation to how many days remain between today and your next billing period.

Can I drop licenses?

Yes! You can reduce the count of the licenses at any time through the Team Subscription dashboard. You will receive a credit for any unused time on those licenses on your next billing date.

How does billing work?

You’ll be asked to provide a payment method at the time you set up your team subscription, for the full yearly cost of the number of licenses you’ve requested to add. Payment processing is handled through our third-party payment processor, Paddle. Your next billing will be in a year’s time.

Can I reassign the administrator of a plan?

Yes! Simply reach out to and we’ll get you straightened around.

What happens if my team members already have a subscription?

If you add a team member who already has a Subscription, once they accept the invite their existing subscription will be cancelled and their access will be moved under your new Team Subscription account.

Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

You can access all of your current and past invoices through the Team Subscription dashboard.