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iOS Animations by Tutorials

$59.99 4.9/5 9 reviews · Write a Review
  • Platform iOS 13
  • Language Swift 5.1
  • Editor Xcode 11

A book on creating delightful iOS animations in Swift! From beginning to advanced topics like layer animations, view controller transitions, and more.

Developer Guide


For Intermediate Developers

Make Delightful Animations with Swift!

This book is for iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift, and want to dive deep into animations.

Start with basic view animations and move all the way to layer animations, animating constraints, view controller transitions, and more!

Table of Contents

Section I: Animations with SwiftUI


Introduction to Animations with SwiftUI

In this chapter you will learn about the very basics of SwiftUI animations and then quickly move onto to more complex and visually interesting animations in a real life project.


Intermediate SwiftUI Animations

You will continue to learn more about various view properties you can easily animate with SwiftUI. Additionally you will learn about view transitions and gesture driven interactive animations.

Section II: View Animations


Getting Started with View Animations

You’ll learn how to move, scale and fade views. You’ll create a number of different animations to get comfortable with Swift and the basic UIKit APIs.



You’ll build on the concepts of linear animation and create more eye-catching effects using spring-driven animations. Boiiing!



You’ll learn about several class methods in UIKit that help you animate views in or out of the screen. These one-line API calls make transition effects easy to achieve.


View Animations in Practice

This chapter teaches you how to combine techniques you’ve already learned in creative ways to build up even cooler animations.


Keyframe Animations

You’ll use keyframe animations to unlock the ultimate achievement of an impressive UI: creating elaborate animation sequences built from a number of distinct stages.

Section III: Auto Layout


Introduction to Auto Layout

This is a crash course on Auto Layout in case you’re not familiar with it already; you’ll need this for the next chapter.


Animating Constraints

Once you’ve worked through the project in Chapter 6, you’ll add a number of animations to it and put your newfound knowledge to good use.

Section IV: Layer Animations


Getting Started with Layer Animations

You’ll start with the simplest layer animations, but also learn about debugging animations gone wrong.


Animation Keys & Delegates

Here you gain more control over the currently running animations and use delegate methods to react to animation events.


Groups & Advanced Timing

In this chapter you combine a number of simple animations and run them together as a group.


Layer Springs

In this chapter you learn how to use `CASpringAnimation` to create powerful and flexible spring layer animations.


Keyframe Animations & Struct Properties

Here you’ll learn about layer keyframe animations, which are powerful and slightly different than view keyframe animations. There’s some special handling around animating struct properties, which you’ll also learn about.


Shapes & Masks

Draw shapes on the screen via CAShapeLayer and animate its special path property.


Gradient Animations

Learn how to use CAGradientLayer to help you draw and animate gradients.


Stroke & Path Animations

Here you will draw shapes interactively and work with some powerful features of keyframe animations.


Replicating Animations

Learn about the little known but powerful CAReplicatorLayer class.

Section V: View Controller Transition Animations


Custom Presentation Controller & Device Orientation Animations

Learn how to present view controllers via custom animated transitions.


UINavigationController Custom Transition Animations

You’ll build upon your skills with presenting view controllers and develop a really neat reveal transition for a navigation controller app.


Interactive UINavigationController Transitions

Learn how to make the reveal transition interactive: the user will be able to scrub back and forth through the animated transition!

Section VI: Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator


Getting Started with UIViewPropertyAnimator

Learn how to create basic view animations and keyframe animations. You’ll look into using custom timing that goes beyond the built-in easing curves.


Intermediate Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator

In this chapter you are going to learn about using animators with Auto Layout. Further, you will learn how to reverse animations or make additive animations for smoother changes along the way.


Interactive Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator

Learn how to drive your animations interactively based on the user’s input. For extra fun you’ll look into both basic and keyframe animations interactivity.


UIViewPropertyAnimator View Controller Transitions

Create custom View Controller transitions using a UIViewPropertyAnimator to drive the transition animations. You will create both static and interactive transitions.

Section VII: 3D Animations


Simple 3D Animations

Learn how to set up your layers in 3D space, how to choose the distance from the camera to your layer, and how to create animations in your 3D scene.


Intermediate 3D Animations

Go further into 3D space and learn about some of the more advanced ways to create 3D Animations.

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Customer reviews

iOS Animations by Tutorials

Very useful from a practical point of view. After reading a few chapters you are ready to be an animation rock star. Seriously worth reading.

Jon M.

This book has become my single authoritative source for iOS animations. Marin introduces the rich complexities of the technology and distills it down into easily digestible layers.

Jefferson W.

Hands down the best book to start learning animations for the iOS platform. Clear, concise writing with a lot of diagrams to help the reader follow along.

Sagar N

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4.9 /5

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9 reviews

iOS Animations by Tutorials

A book on creating delightful iOS animations in Swift! From beginning to advanced topics like layer animations, view controller transitions, and more.