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iOS 8 by Tutorials book cover

iOS 8 by Tutorials

  • Platform iOS 8
  • Language Swift 1.2
  • Editor Xcode 6.3

Note: Please be aware that this book is not up-to-date for iOS 10/Swift 3. We do not have plans to update the book from its current version for iOS 8 and Swift 1.2.

Developer Guide


For intermediate ios developers
iOS 8 by Tutorials book cover

Learn the iOS 8 APIs!

Learn about the API introduced in iOS 8 such as Adaptive UI, App Extensions, and Cloud Kit!

Includes 30 chapters and over 750 pages (PDF format). Book in Swift, sample projects in both Swift + Obj-C.

For intermediate and advanced developers – if you already know the basics of iOS development but want to learn the APIs introduced in iOS 8, this book is for you!

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Table of Contents

Section I: Adaptive Layout


Introducing Adaptive Layout

Before you dive into any code, you’ll be given an overview of what Adaptive Layout is and the reasons why you should give serious consideration to this new design paradigm.


Beginning Adaptive Layout

You’ll learn how to use Interface Builder to create user interfaces that seamlessly adapt to different devices, resolutions and orientations.


Intermediate Adaptive Layout

You’ll take Adaptive Layout to the next level and learn about self-sizing table view cells, installable views, trait collections, and size-class dependent assets.


Adaptive View Controller Hierarchies

Adaptive Layout affects not only your views, but view controllers as well. In this chapter you’ll learn about UISplitViewController, which is now available on iPhone, and how to upgrade a legacy application to take advantage of it.


Transition Coordinators

You’ll learn about the significant upgrades to transition coordinators, which were first introduced in iOS 7, and how to implement the new layout transitions as well.


Introducing Presentation Controllers

You’ll dig into iOS 8 approach of presenting view controllers and how the new APIs natively support adaptive layouts.


Custom Presentations

Building on Chapter 6, this chapter shows you how to add polish to your apps with custom presentations.

Section II: App Extensions


Introducing Extensions

Get a quick overview of what App Extensions are, their API, some of the limitations imposed by Apple, and an overview of how to add one to an existing app.


Today Extensions

You’ll learn how to create Today Extensions, the iOS equivalent of desktop widgets. They’re a great way to provide immediate and up-to-date information to your users.


Share Extensions

You’ll see how to craft extensions that let users share content directly to your web service from within whichever app they’re using at the time.


Action Extensions

Build exciting extensions that let users view, transform, or manipulate content within the context of the host app. Think Google Translate, but in real-time, in-place, without ever leaving the web page.


Photo Editing Extensions

Does your app offer photo filters, or some other kind of photo manipulation functionality? Ever wish you could provide that same functionality to other third-party apps, or even Apple’s stock apps? Well now you can! You’ll learn how to create extensions to do exactly this.


Document Provider Extensions

Learn how to build extensions that allow users to send and receive files between apps. You’ll also learn how to present cloud storage services as if they were the local file system. Document Providers allow iOS apps to share, edit, and update each other’s files.


Keyboard Extensions

You’ll replace the system keyboard with one of your own; iOS is now open to the world of intelligent swipe, Emoji, and animated GIF keyboards.

Section III: Major New Features


Beginning CloudKit

You’ll learn what CloudKit is, why you should use it and gain a solid overview of the CloudKit convenience APIs.


Intermediate CloudKit

You’ll take a deeper dive into CloudKit, learn about the lower-level APIs that allow fine-grained control of your data as well as some of the limitations of the API and how best to work around them.


Beginning Scene Kit

Scene Kit has been available on OS X since 2012, but it’s now debuted in iOS 8 as well. Take advantage of this battle- tested framework to add 3D visualizations to your UIKit based apps.


Intermediate Scene Kit

You’ll learn how to introduce physics to your 3D visualizations, how to import 3D models and take advantage of the amazing Scene Kit support in Xcode 6.


Beginning Photos

The Assets framework has often been the Achilles’ heel of developers when working with photos on iOS. Apple has changed all of this by introducing a brand spanking new and modern framework, which aims to remove all the pain points of working with Assets. You’ll learn the basics of it in this chapter.


Intermediate Photos

Here you’ll take a closer look the new Photos framework, explore all four corners of the API, and learn about such things as asset caching and change requests.


Beginning Live Rendering

Interface Builder now renders custom views and controls just as if they were Apple’s own – finally! You’ll learn how to set up Live Rendering, how to expose your custom controls’ properties and then delve into creating custom controls using CALayer.


Intermediate Live Rendering

You’ll learn how to mix your custom views and controls with Apple’s stock controls for the purposes of Live Rendering, and you’ll see how Live Rendering can seriously speed up the development process.



You’ll discover what Handoff is, see how it works, gain a solid overview of the API, and learn how to add this near-magical functionality to your iOS apps.


Beginning WebKit

Apple has finally replaced UIWebView! You’ll get to experience the long-awaited and modern WebKit as you create a bespoke web browser.


Intermediate WebKit

The new WebKit framework is useful beyond simply loading up web pages. You’ll learn how to hook into the page loading process to execute custom JavaScript, which allows you to bend any web page to your will.

Section IV: Bonus Chapters


iOS 8 Visual Effects

You’ll learn how to efficiently add static blurs to your app, then take advantage of the brand new UIVisualEffectView to add real-time blurring and vibrancy to your app as well.


An In-depth Look at Xcode 6

You’ll get up-to-speed on the most important updates in the latest revision of Apple’s development suite. There’s an absolute ton of changes, including a whole new programming language!


Xcode 6 & Swift

You’ll discover how Swift integrates with Xcode, what Playgrounds are and how they should be used, and you’ll be introduced to the Swift REPL, which among other things, lets you run Swift from the command line.


What’s New with Testing

You’ll learn all about the updates to XCTest, Apple’s testing framework, including asynchronous testing and performance testing.


What’s New with iTunes Connect

Learn about some exciting new features in iTunes Connect, such as adding videos to your App Store pages, TestFlight beta testing, and more.

Meet the authors

Soheil Azarpour Soheil Azarpour RW Team Member
Ricardo Cepeda Ricardo Cepeda RW Team Member
Tammy Coron Tammy Coron RW Team Member
Sam Davies Sam Davies RW Team Member
Jake Gundersen Jake Gundersen RW Team Member
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Jack Wu Jack Wu RW Team Member

Customer reviews

'iOS 8 by Tutorials'

“This is the most practical iOS development book I ever read. It’s easy to follow and a pleasure reading journey.”

Steve Gu

“The iOS by tutorials series has become an essential part of my code bank and is often the first point of contact when looking to implement a technology due to its usage of the most modern Objective-C techniques.”

Neil North

“A great resource that carefully integrates source code and programming concepts. Great for developers at every level. Shows and discusses differences in API, tools and the Objective-C language.”

Ed Deveaux
iOS 8 by Tutorials book cover

Get iOS 8 by Tutorials

Learn about the API introduced in iOS 8 such as Adaptive UI, App Extensions, and Cloud Kit!