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Pre-orders for iOS 11 by Tutorials are now open!
ios 11 by tutorials book cover

iOS 11 by Tutorials

$44.99 $54.99
  • Platform iOS 11
  • Language Swift 4
  • Editor Xcode 9

Learn the new iOS 11 APIs with Swift 4!

Discover the new features for developers in iOS 11, such as Core ML, Vision, drag & drop, document browsing, the new changes in Xcode 9 and Swift 4 — and much, much more.

Pre-order the PDF edition, and you'll get access to the upcoming early-access releases of the book so you can start learning the new APIs and frameworks even before the full book is published.

Early access versions of the book will be available in July and August, 2017. We’ll contact you via the email you provide when you purchase the book to notify you when each early edition is released, and also when the finished book is ready for you!

Estimated release date of the full version of iOS 11 by Tutorials is Fall, 2017.

Developer Guide


for intermediate ios developers
ios 11 by tutorials book cover

Our 7th installment in our popular iOS by Tutorials series!

This book is for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development but want to learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 11.

If you are new to Swift, we suggest you read the Swift Apprentice, which takes you on a comprehensive tour through the Swift language, even if you are a complete beginner.

If you are new to iOS, we suggest you read the iOS Apprentice. That will give you a solid foundation of building iOS apps using Swift from the ground up.

Topics to Be Covered in iOS 11 by Tutorials

Heads up: These are the topics we will most likely write about, but this list is always subject to change!

What’s new in Swift 4

Strings are receiving a lot of love in Swift 4, along with the Set and Dictionary collection types. Read about the best new Swift 4 features including generic subscripts, the Codable protocol, the Swift Package Manager and more!

Xcode 9 Improvements

Learn about Xcode’s great new features, including the brand-new source editor (written in Swift!), refactoring improvements, wireless debugging, and enhancements to automated tests.

Drag and Drop

You can now drag and drop things from one place to another, whether it’s within a single app, or even across separate apps! Learn how UITableView and UICollectionView make it easy to add drag and drop to lists in your app.


Augmented reality programming without some sort of help can be very difficult. As a developer you need to figure out where your “virtual” objects should be placed in the “reality” view, how the objects should behave, and how they should appear. This is where ARKit comes to the rescue and simplifies things for you as a developer.

Core ML

Machine learning is a hot topic across multiple languages and platforms. Learn how the Core ML API lets developers provide a trained model, some input data, and receive predictions about the input data based on the trained model.

The Vision Framework

The exciting new Vision framework provides a way for you to perform high-performance image analysis inside your applications. While face detection has been available already in the CoreImage framework, the Vision framework goes further by providing the ability to not only detect faces in images, but also barcodes, text, the horizon, rectangular objects, and previously identified arbitrary objects.


The PDFKit framework was only available on macOS — until now! Learn how to author, modify, and displaying Portable Document Format (PDF) files in iOS 11.

What's new in UIKit

Get the scoop on all the updates to UIKit that will impact your existing apps, and what new functionality is available to help you create even more compelling user experiences.

Customer reviews

iOS by Tutorials Series

iOS 10 by Tutorials helped us provide our customers with a fast update to iOS 10. With this book, we were able to develop on the new SDK in a matter of days.

Andrei N.

This book, as with all the RW books, are very professionally written and chock-full of pertinent, useful and approachable information that helps the beginner, intermediate and advance developer alike.

Mark H.

After being guided through the nuances of each new iOS 10 framework, not only was I able to meet my work deadlines but I was able to thoroughly explain it to the rest of my team!

Mike K.
ios 11 by tutorials book cover

Learn the new iOS 11 APIs with Swift 4!

Learn about the new features for developers in Xcode 9 and iOS 11, such as Core ML, Vision, drag & drop, document browsing, the best new features in Xcode 9 and Swift 4 — and more!